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Worship Gatherings

JUNE 2, 2020 UPDATE: With local restrictions easing, we are excited to resume in-person worship services on Sunday, June 7, 2020.

We gather on Sunday mornings for the purpose of worshiping God and celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The core elements of our gathering include singing, praying, reading and teaching the Bible, and partaking of the Lord’s Supper. We meet on Sundays at 10am at the Doubletree Hotel in Overland Park, Kansas (10100 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66210).

What is the Sunday gathering like?

Our aim is to love each other well by being safe and responsible as we resume in-person gatherings. To that end, we developed a set of guidelines and expectations to help us navigate in-person gatherings wisely. Please review those before joining us in person, and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the elders if you have a question about gathering in person.

Around 10:00am the service will open with singing. You will be invited to stand, if you are able, and join others in singing songs in celebration and worship. The lyrics for these songs are projected on a large screen. After a time of singing, we ask everyone to be seated for a time of reading and teaching from the Bible. The teaching time normally lasts around 45 minutes and is followed by the Lord’s Supper, a few songs, and some closing announcements. We provide real-time captioning (CART) on the screen throughout the service.

How long is a typical Sunday gathering?

Our worship gathering begins at 10am and concludes around 11:30am. We love fellowship and visiting with one another, and normally we invite you to arrive early and stay a little after the service is over to get to know people. However, while we are observing physical distancing guidelines, we ask that fellowship and visiting take place outside in the parking lot. Please help us love the vulnerable in our midst and be mindful of hotel guests and employees by not contributing to congestion in the hallways.

What is our view of the Lord’s Supper?

The Lord’s Supper is a practice instituted by Jesus for the church. During the Lord’s Supper Christians are remembering the cross of Christ. The bread represents the body of Christ that was broken and the juice represents His blood that was shed for us on the cross. The Lord’s Supper is the only aspect of the service where people who are not Christ-followers are asked to abstain from participating. This means that when others go to the front to take the bread and the cup, those not participating simply remain seated. We believe the Lord’s Supper is an ordinance for the gathered church, so our normal practice is to celebrate the Lord's Supper with those gathered in person on Sunday mornings rather than in DCs or when watching the livestream from home.

Is there a nursery or other programs for kids?

Normally, yes! However, as we are learning how to gather safely in the midst of a pandemic, we are pausing our regular children’s programming. We will not be offering kids’ classes or a nursery at this time. Instead, we’d encourage you to bring your children with you to the worship gathering, no matter their age. We love kids! And we know that not every child is going to be able to sit completely still and quiet during the entire service. We expect our upcoming gatherings to be a little livelier than they have been in the past, and we’re good with that!

How am I supposed to dress?

Please come as you are. We do not have a dress code, but most people in our congregation dress casually.

Must I consider myself a Christian to attend?

No. We invite everyone from all backgrounds to join us on Sunday mornings.