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Based upon our vision, mission, goal and core values we have adopted the following philosophy of ministry for making disciples of all nations.

Biblical rather than Pragmatic

We want to give ourselves wholeheartedly to God’s Word and methods rather than rely on popular trends, thoughts, and opinions.

People rather than Programs

As church leaders we want to intentionally focus our time on equipping people to do the ministry rather than spending the majority of our time on planning ministry programs to do the ministry for us. Our mission rises and falls on leadership development.

Missional rather than Attractional

We want to be a base of ministry, not simply a place of ministry. Instead of ministering on the basis of people coming to us, our approach is to equip people to take the ministry to the world.

Simple rather than Complex

We don’t want people to spend all of their time at church programs or church-wide activities. Instead, we want to free people up to make disciples in their homes, neighborhoods, and work places. We also believe that a simple model of disciple-making is much more reproducible as we strive to plant churches and engage in ministry cross-culturally.

Depth rather than Width

Rather than gauging success based on quantifiable numbers such as Sunday morning worship attendance or small group attendance, we measure success by whether or not people are maturing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Multiplication rather than Addition

Rather than simply adding more and more to one church, our desire is to be a multiplying community of disciples who aggressively seeks to plant churches throughout the Kansas City metro area and the world.

Sacrificial rather than Comfortable

We want to sacrifice all that we have for the sake of those with urgent physical and spiritual needs throughout our city and the world.