In light of CDC recommendations, we will not be gathering publicly through April 30. Click here for the latest updates.

Core Values

Our core values best express what’s important to us as a church and the core convictions that undergird our vision, mission and goal. Above anything and everything else we deeply value the gospel. We want to be a church where the gospel is not merely a message for people who don’t know Jesus, but also a message for believers that shapes every facet of our church.

Gospel-Centered Musical Worship

All biblical worship is rooted in and made possible by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only through the gospel that we have unhindered access to God the Father to worship. It is also in the gospel that the glorious attributes of God are worshipped most clearly and beautifully. Therefore, as we gather to worship corporately we want the gospel to be front and center.

Gospel-Saturated Biblical Teaching

The sixty-six books of the Bible tell a single story that centers around the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament looks forward to the coming of Jesus and the kingdom He will bring, while the New Testament tells of the fulfillment of these promises in Jesus. Therefore, in order to teach biblically our teaching must be saturated with Jesus and His sacrificial work on the cross.

Gospel-Compelled Community

The gospel creates a new community of Christ-followers made up of individuals from a varying array of age groups, socio-economic levels, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and so on. Only the gospel can affect such a change! Therefore, we want to be a people whose daily lives live out this change by embodying the truths of the gospel in our relationships with one another.

Gospel-Motivated Mission

The gospel is the only sustainable motivation for living out the mission of making disciples of all nations. When we are overwhelmed by God’s mercy and goodness in sending Christ to bear the penalty for sin in our place then we are motivated by grace to go and lovingly proclaim this good news to others.

Gospel-Driven Discipleship

The gospel is not only the means of our salvation but also the primary means of our sanctification and growth in Christ-likeness. We believe Scripture teaches that the gospel is not only the way we begin in Christ, it is also the way we grow in Christ. It is the fuel for the entire Christian life, not just the ignition that starts the journey.

Gospel-Empowered Mercy

As undeserving recipients of God’s mercy in the gospel we want to be quick to extend mercy to the marginalized, impoverished, orphaned, persecuted and needy in this world. We believe the gospel empowers us to be the most merciful and compassionate people in the world as we seek to make disciples locally and globally.