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Perfect Peace

During this challenging season, in which we find ourselves at home to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the elders of CFC want to love, care, and communicate well with you. One way we want to do this is by providing brief video messages, blog posts, and other helpful resources that we hope will encourage and equip you to walk through many of the unique challenges and struggles we are facing as a result of this pandemic. 

In today's video, John shares a specific verse of Scripture that he is praying for our church body today.


 A lightly edited transcript is below:

Hi, church. I just want to share with you a specific verse and passage of Scripture that I'm praying for you today. And that verse is found in Isaiah, chapter 26, verse 3. And here's what the prophet Isaiah writes. He says, “You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trust in you.”

That first line there I love. The words that Isaiah uses there, he says, “You keep him in perfect peace.” Can you imagine that? Especially in the midst of a lot of the challenges that we're walking through in the middle of the season in which we find ourselves—perfect peace, meaning total, complete, 100% peace. There's not an ounce of worry or fear over finances, about losing your job, finding a job, your health, sickness, your kids, of being alone, feeling isolated. How much longer is this going to last? Not even a hint, an ounce of fear and anxiety over any of those things. Instead there's total, complete, perfect peace.

But he explains to us here in that second line, who it is exactly who has the sort of peace. He says, “You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you.” So those whose minds are stayed on the Lord, or those who the Lord keeps in perfect peace—there's a connection between those two things, meaning our minds are stayed on God, His character, His attributes, who He is, who He says that he is, His promises of what He's done, what He says that He's going to do, all the promises of Scripture, all the attributes of God. Our minds are stayed on Him and His promises, and the effect of that is this perfect peace. 

But the opposite is true as well. Right? When our minds are stayed on the most recent updates of the coronavirus or minds are stayed on the local news, our minds are stayed on social media, our minds are stayed on entertainment and Netflix, our minds are stayed on all the things that we're worrying about, on all the things that we're afraid about, our minds are stayed on all the different scenarios and the what-if scenarios of what could happen. When our minds are stayed on those things, then we won't have perfect peace. Our hearts will be filled with the same sort of worry and anxiety that our minds are stayed upon.

And so I just want to pray for you today just that your mind would be stayed on the Lord, that you would spend time in God's Word, that you would be memorizing God's Word, that you would be reading to good Christian, solid Christian books, that you'd be listening to podcasts, good teaching and podcasts, you'd be listening to gospel-centered, Christ-exalting worship. That you'd be doing maybe extra Bible study, and time in the Word because there's some extra time that you have during this time, that you would find ways to stay your mind on, keep your mind stayed on the Lord. And, and the reason that we do this is this—last line—because we trust in Him.

So church I'm praying today that we, our trust would be in the Lord, that our minds would be stayed on him, and as a result we would experience perfect peace.

Love you, church.